Areas of Work


Knowledge is Meaningless unless it Wounds the Soul the Way the Plough Wounds the Earth. The real function of Education is to learn how to discern between the Real and the Illusory and to concentrate on the Real. The right of education is for every human being.


AK’s work in the Environment sector covers a spiritual-academic understanding of the environmental crisis as well as practical implementation of community projects on utilization and conservation of natural resources.


South-Asia and Pakistan, in particular, is a unique region which has brought together peoples of contrasting cultures, languages, beliefs and practices. Home of the Indus Valley civilization – around 8,000 years old – this land is steeped in an ancient educational and spiritual heritage. Inter-Faith dialogue work at AK aims to highlight the shared history of the peoples of South-Asia, their engagement with their immediate surrounding and the world-at-large. 


In our complex society, law regulates our social, political, and economic activities through ‘Rule of Law’. AK strives to play its role in evolutionary domestic and international legal environment. We at AK, offer and pursue, various legal awareness, aid and reform programs to help grow a law abiding society and effective economic regime.