Inter-Faith Dialogue

 A lecture and exhibition is being organised under the title of ‘Weaving the Inter-Faith Dialogue: The Language of Traditional Textiles of Iran, Pakistan and India.’
The lecture will explore how skill and spiritual world-views were woven into fabrics from the Sub-continent and Persia in the 13th and 14th centuries which were then transported by sea and sold in the East (Java, Sumatra) and West (Sicily, Naples, Vienna). New  world-views were introduced without the utterance of a word. In doing so, traditional textiles created a language through which people of different cultures and traditions could correspond with each other. This was inter-faith dialogue in all refinement – speaking not with words but with colour, symbol and style.
The exhibition will show-case Persian textile designer, Simin Ghodstinat, whose work features a fusion of tradition and modernity – traditional weaves and patterns representing centuries old cultures are transformed into modern ensembles. In response to the strict governmental policy of Iran imposing black ‘chadors’ on women, Ghodstinat started designing cloaks and coats which complied with government policy but also looked beautiful and elegant. The result was a textile revolution with more and more people wearing Ghodstinat designs by choice.