Bilal Ali Zaman

Bilal Ali Zaman is a distinguished old RAVIAN, holding a degree of Masters in physical education and sports science from government college university, Lahore. His primary schooling took place in Lahore. He has served his alma-mater GCU, in athletics (track events). His passion to serve in sports derived him to Alam al-Khayal foundation where he’s serving as a multi-sport coach and helping AK foundation to revolutionise the compromised health standards of society specifically the youth of Pakistan by coaching and educating them.

Saba Saleem 

Saba Saleem comes from a remote district of province Punjab, Pakistan. Her primary schooling took place in Hafizabaad. Her eager to seek higher education dragged her to Lahore where she completed her masters degree in physical education and sports science from government college university Lahore. She used to take active part in athletics and handball in her university life and a vast experience in indigenous sports. She joined AK foundation as a multi-sport teacher/coach and helping us to demolish the barriers for female gender and empowering young girls by educating them through sports, in a government girls school where almost 800 female students are enrolled.

Muhammad Rashid Sardar 

Muhammad Rashid Sardar is a promising old RAVIAN and a professional field hockey player. He was a member of Lahore region’s U-16 national champion team. He captained the government college university’s hockey team and also participated in several national level tournaments, representing higher education commission’s (HEC) hockey team. He is pursuing a degree of masters in physical education and sports science from government college university Lahore. He joined the Alam al-Khayal foundation as a multi-sport coach/teacher in 2017.

Hafiz Arbab Ali 

Hafiz Arbab Ali is AKF’s youngest recruit in Lahore who has memorized the entire Quran and is a promising young tennis player. At 16 years of age, Arbab juggles school along with competitive tennis treading the fine balance between academic endeavours and athletic ambition. At this early age, besides actively pursuing national tennis rankings, he is a coach for junior tennis players. In 2016, he received the Green Badge certificate for successfully completing Level 1 of the National Coaching Course organised by the national tennis federation.