Barrister Nudra B. Abdel-Majeed Mian

Nudra B. Abdel-Majeed Mian is a Pakistani Advocate who studied Law at Oxford University and the London School of Economics. She practiced at the Bar in England and taught international law at SOAS, London. Her law practice took her towards Islamic Law, Language and Culture so she then did a

Toby Thomas Landau

Toby T. Landau QC is a leading Barrister and Arbitrator in independent practice at Essex Court Chambers since 1994.  He specialises in international and commercial law and has the distinction of drafting England’s revolutionary law on international arbitration at the young age of 27 years. He regularly appears as counsel

Jawad Nawaz Khan

A student, software engineer, architect, cartoonist, illustrator and a tech evangelist. Learning green architecture using indigenous techniques and materials to make lives more comfortable.

Reza Shah Kazemi

Dr. Reza Shah-Kazemi writes on a range of topics from metaphysics and doctrine to contemplation and prayer. He is presently a Research Associate at the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London, where, amongst other projects, he has been working on a new, annotated translation of Nahj al-Balagha, the discourses of

Nosheen Zain

Nosheen Zain started teaching school children at a young age then got married and stopped work for a few years. After her own third child started school, she decided to resume professional work. She went through ups and downs facing society’s pressure where it is difficult for mothers to return to

Ahmad Imran Ghazi

Born to a family serving bar and bench, Ahmad Imran Ghazi, Advocate holds a Bachelor of Laws, Diploma in Labour Laws and Diploma in Environmental Law. He practised as a corporate lawyer whilst conducting research work at LUMS. During a stint in Canada, Mr. Ghazi served as an International Representative,

Ustad Mohammed Haneef

Ustad Hanif is currently Pakistan’s most-talented flute player. He hails from a humble family of mechanics who lived in the inner-city of Lahore running vehicle workshops. At the age of 13 yrs, he heard someone in school play the flute and fell in love with music. His family forbade him

Nabila Abdel Aziz

Nabila Abdel Aziz holds degrees in Arabic, Islamic Studies and Social Anthropology.  She is interested in intercultural/interreligious dialogue and cultural education for peace and development. She has been involved in a variety of projects pertaining to supporting refugees, Christian-Muslim dialogue, human rights and the running of cultural/political education courses for

Tariq Mahmood

Tariq Mehmood comes from the military cantonement area of Lahore. His early schooling took place in Lahore and graduating from university, he joined the provincial government as a stenographer. Eager to learn about peoples of the world, he travelled to the west and lived in North America and the USA for a few

Natasha Jafri

Natasha Jafri obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Sociology and an additional teaching qualification from Smith College, USA. She went on to teach in Pakistan where she later also researched educational reform in rural Punjab and led school and teacher development and training for government and private organisations. After working in Pakistan for 10

Syed Zain ul Abideen

Zain ul Abideen  started work in marketing and sales but always harboured dreams to do something bigger and better for himself and his country. His sincerity, humility and hard work shone through his personality and, after volunteering for AKF on various philanthropic projects, he joined the AKF team as a

Jamil Ahmad

Jamil Ahmad is part of Alam al-Khayal’s Physical Education and Sports Team as Consultant Director (Tennis). He is a scion of legendary Pakistani Tennis Player, Perveen Sheikh who won, six times, Indian National Champion (Women’s) Title; won and maintained, fourteen times, Pakistan Champion (Women’s) Title; and represented as a first

H M Umer Sardar

Umer Sardar is a Hafiz al-Quran, student and professional athlete. He was a member of the Pakistan national hockey team and played on national and international level. He won the Asian silver medal for hockey 2012. He holds a degree of Masters in Sports Sciences and Physical Education from Government

Hafiz Arbab Ali

Hafiz Arbab Ali is AKF’s youngest recruit in Lahore who has memorized the entire Quran and is a promising young tennis player. At 16 years of age, Arbab juggles school along with competitive tennis treading the fine balance between academic endeavours and athletic ambition. At this early age, besides actively pursuing