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Humanitarian Aid

The indigenous peoples of Thar have faced harsh climatic conditions for many years and despite forced, short-term migrations following drought crises, they consistently return home to the desert, unwilling to give up their land and lifestyle. Education of Tharri children suffers from the cyclical drought-induced crises as families relocate to bigger towns of Sindh to address food, water and health issues. In AKF schools, students and their families are given ration / relief packages to minimize the risk of student drop-outs. In addition, AKF assists local communities in rain-water conservation, filtering of well-water and kitchen gardening. The 2018-2019 Thar Action-Plan will see stipends offered to Tharri girls to encourage them to study till age 16 (thereby delaying the marriage-age which is currently from the age at puberty) and the construction of lavatories in the AKF schools – another obstacle depriving girls of an entire world of education.

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Meaning of Alam al-Khayal

Ibn Arabi explained the Alam al-Khayal – the Imaginal World – as the plane where people are perfected. To realize the Alam Al-Khayal in this world means to rise above ourselves, to reach for  higher knowledge.

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