Empowering Women Through Health Education (Womens Day)

Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives, Join us in commemorating International Women’s Day by championing women’s health education. Knowledge is power, and when women are equipped with the right information about their health, they can make informed decisions, lead healthier lives, and inspire change in their communities.

Out of Pakistan’s 132 million rural population, 65 million are women. Sixty-two percent of women work in the fields while only 19 percent of women are in paid employment. Sixty percent work as unpaid workers on family farms and enterprises. The unpaid work is valued at 2.6 percent of the national GDP. Only one percent of women are entrepreneurs in Pakistan; 20 percent of rural women are classified as own-account workers – 14 percent in agriculture and 6 percent in non-agri work.

اگر ایک عورت پڑھی لکھی ہو گی تو پورا خاندان پڑھا لکھا ہو گا۔ تعلیم ہی ایک ماں ،بہین، بیٹی، کو مضبوط اور نڈر بناتی

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