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Sports Advisory Board

In November, 2015, the Foundation took its work in promoting “Peace through Sport” and “Education through Sport” to another level by establishing a Sports Advisory Board bringing together on the AK’s platform, Pakistan’s leading sports administrators, sports sponsors as well as national champions (past and present).

This unique forum aims to combine the efforts of sports-industry stakeholders ranging from amateur and professional players to coaches, policy makers, executives, sports services providers and sponsors. Through this forum, we also aim to help young national champions find international sponsors to realise their dreams of playing at the international level, like the best, with the best.

Problems such as severe lack of funds and schools’ shifting priorities away from sports’ development has badly damaged the crucial role that Sport plays in the development of society.  The situation is critical for every day we ignore sports’ development, we miss out on meeting the country’s future ambassadors – sportspersons whose talent and dedication inspires all those who see them in action; we miss out on training future mediators and inter-faith specialists – players who effect peace and bridge the communication and social gap between the religious and secular, between the rich and the poor on the sports-ground; we miss out on imparting the essence of education – discipline, hard work, humility, determination, fair-play and justice and, most of all, simple reliance on one’s own ability to achieve perfection through preparation.

The Foundation is delighted to have the country’s real leaders on board. The 2016 Target-Plan includes liaising with schools to construct tennis courts, organising tennis camps for girls, training sports teachers in basic tennis skills, sponsoring tournaments and showcasing the achievements of national champions in the hope of attracting international sponsors.


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