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AKF Sports Program

Sport for Social Development

“Education breeds Confidence. Confidence breeds Hope. Hope breeds Peace.”


AKF runs various Sports initiatives to develop a society in Pakistan. These initiatives include sports programs, competitions, research and documentation. Our Sport Program helps students of the poorest schools in the country participate in high-level and elite sports. Children from 4 yrs – 18 yrs are taught Sports like Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Handball, Football, Hockey, Martial Arts, Indigenous Games and Small Area Games. Training is conducted by academically-qualified coaches who teach the science, rules and regulations of each sport along with targeted training by fitness trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists. The Program started with 300 children but now has over 5,000 children – a number which is steadily increasing. AKF also sponsors and organizes Tennis Tournaments on the District, National and International level in order to identify future champions, create an environment of peace and provide level-playing fields for future partnerships. AKF has also started, in co-operation with the Asian and Pakistan Tennis Federations, the globally-acclaimed JTI Program of the international Tennis Federation. Using International-standard equipment, the program caters to both public and private school-children from 3 yrs – 11 yrs old.