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Social Development – Junior National-Ranking Tennis & Mela

In January 2016, Pakistanis witnessed another tragedy at Baacha University, Charsadda, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. These unacceptable incidents must be addressed and action must be taken to prevent these atrocities from recurring.
At AKF, we promote healthy social activities for our youth to minimize the chances of them growing up to be brainwashed in the hands of terrorists. Sport is one of the finest ways of engaging our people, both physically and mentally. Nelson Mandela once well-said, “Sport has the power to change the world”. AKF has been implementing this maxim on ground and is changing Pakistan through its Peace through Sports programmes.

Junior National-Ranking Tennis

In January 2016, Alam al-Khayal sponsored Junior National-Ranking Tennis Tournaments in Lahore, Pakistan. Over one hundred young tennis players from all over he country representing diverse socio-economic backgrounds compete in tournaments and display strategy, skill and stamina in battles of the best.

One Day Sports Mela

Alam al-Khayal also sponsored “Education and Peace through Sport Tennis Mela”, at the above venue, on January

28th, 2016, to create awareness about the following:
 Development of an athletic mind for non-athletes.
 Super foods and intelligently prepared diets vital for endurance, better and long living.
 Sports and Handicrafts – Commonalities: Repetition; Concentration; and Discipline.
 Importance of kitchen gardening for quick access to fresh vegetables and herbs for healthy lifestyles .
 Promotion and support to Pakistani culture and economy.
 Relationship between education and sports.
 Significance of Music to sooth and inspire the sportsmen soul.
 Food Delights & Fun: Organic vegetables, hygienic gol guppay, pure honey, pizzas, patties, cakes, an assortment of healthy bakery items and ready-made foods. Stalls offering olives of Pakistan – pure olive oil, figs-jam, olive powder biscuits, pickles, chemical free brown sugar, music and nature-face painting, etc.

Roshni Association, Olive Pakistan, Agri Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan, Alif Laila Bus Books Library, Fidem, Kitchen Gardening Association LCW, Riwayaten, Galaxy Sports Academy and The Alam al-Khayal Foundation participated in the event.

The three-fold objective behind the events

1. To acknowledge and celebrate the effort that children invest in extra-curricular activities to excel and compete;
2. To increase the presence of music, colour and culture in our lives to subtly alleviate the long prevalent state of national depression; and
3. Finally, to encourage people to spend time outdoors close to nature as they used to before the advent of high-tech era and, therefore, had healthier, relaxed lifestyles.


Remarkably, a diverse mix of inspiring and influential people has joined to express solidarity and support to advance and promote our mission.

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