Knowledge is Meaningless unless it Wounds the Soul the Way the Plough Wounds the Earth

The real function of Education is to learn how to discern between the Real and the Illusory and to concentrate on the Real. The right of education is for every human being.

 Education through Music 

Music opens up the world of experience to refine the mind, physical movement and expression. Just like an instrument is tuned to a fine balance, so can the soul of a person be tuned when engaged with music. Whether music is played, performed or heard, an invisible bond is created between the instrument, sound, performer and listener. When such music is rooted in the celestial, then the bond with heaven is added to the worldly bond.  It is with a view to creating these bonds that AKF provides a platform to new musicians to stage their debut and demonstrate their talent before seasoned classical musicians of Pakistan. Al-Khayal Monthly Mehfils bring together upcoming young classical musicians, composers, critics, masters and music lovers. Mehfils (performances) are convened monthly with details given on the AKF Facebook page.