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Alam al Khayal Foundation Karz Hasna Program

The Alam al Khayal Foundation embarked upon this visionary program of Karz Hasna years ago, propelled by the noble objective of advancing education of the highest caliber, free from confines and restrictions. The sagacious founders and trustees of the Alam al Khayal Foundation resolved to bolster individuals in their pursuit of aspirations, particularly in the realm of education. In cognizance of the fiscal constraints faced by numerous aspiring scholars, they inaugurated the Karaz Hasna initiative, extending interest-free loans to those who harbor a steadfast belief in their dreams. Despite encountering myriad challenges along the arduous path, their fortitude and unwavering patience prevailed. Presently, their labors are yielding fruition. A shining exemplar of this triumph is a student who, fortified by the support of AKF, ardently pursued his ambitions and availed himself of the interest-free loan. Today, he stands as a Clinical Nutritionist and Dietician at Hearts International National Hospital Multan, holding the dual roles of Internship Supervisor and Chairman of the esteemed Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. This feat stands as an indelible testament to the profound impact of AKF’s enterprising endeavors, enabling individuals to actualize their educational and professional aspirations with aplomb.

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